Subscription Scheme for Small Independent Homes

Meaningful change in providing dementia care involves everyone in an organisation, from senior managers to part-time cleaners.

To make the process affordable, we offer a low-cost subscription scheme to small and medium-sized independent homes (up to 35 beds).

As a subscriber your home receives a minimum number of training days: e.g. 10 days for an accredited programme, and comprehensive advice, information and guidance throughout.

In total , we would expect to spend up to 36 days with you over 10 months, including auditing documentation, assessing staff development, and working with your families, GPs and other care partners for a shared understanding of the new approach.

This allows us to ensure that all your staff participate and your organisation benefits fully.

We do not want lack of resources to restrict your growth.


RATE (exclusive of VAT) to March 31st 2009 - £4.25 per bed per week

Example: 15 bed home £4.25 x 15 x 4 weeks = £255 monthly


Subscription minimum period 10 months.

TOTAL for 10 month programme = £2550

(£2994.00 incl. VAT)


We are the only national training company which offers this subscription scheme.

See also how are we such good value for money? 

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