Our approach

Recovery of brain cells is not yet possible but recovery of the spirit is. Our approach enables everyone to contribute to that recovery of spirit.

Old ways of looking after people with a dementia were based on a medical model of care. Today we know that a psycho-social model of care delivers far better results.

The approach we follow helps you to identify outdated practices in your home and replace them with practices proven to help people with a dementia achieve their fullest well-being. There is twenty years of evidence-based research from the UK and around the world underpinning this approach.

NewDementiaCare works with you at your pace to deliver this change meaningfully to your whole organisation over ten months.

Our approach is fully compatible with UK care standards and with statutory and legal obligations.

Find out more

We recommend browsing the Journal of Dementia Care on the various routes to recovery of well-being in people with a dementia. For practical ideas to develop insight see David Sheard’s Feelings Matter Most book series.

New Dementia Care