Large Homes

We offer a consultancy to larger care homes providing over 36 beds on one site.

Our unique value to you lies in our ten years experience of working effectively with a diverse staff group .

We pay careful attention to your specific objectives and expectations.

Initial consultation visit charged at £70.00 (excl. VAT) per hour. This charge is waived if a programme is commissioned. A typical programme runs over 10 months.

The consultancy normally includes: Organisational Training Needs Analysis (including ethnographic audit) followed by the development with you of a customised programme.

This programme normally includes new dementia care skills, advanced professional communication, intercultural skills and assertiveness. We include literacy, numeracy and basic IT skills and English as a Second Language teaching for any staff who would benefit. Our training in basic skills underpins NVQ qualifications. In addition, we offer information, advice and guidance on all aspects of organisational change and workforce development.

Participating in the Alzheimer's Society Accredited Training Programme, Yesterday,Today, Tomorrow carries a charge per person for the accreditation and certification – currently £22.00 for each person enrolled.

New Dementia Care