For families and care partners

We are happy to participate in question and answer sessions with groups of people living with a dementia, their care partners and family members. We work with the Alzheimer’s Society and other elder advocacy groups. Most of all we enjoy meeting people with a dementia and hearing first-hand about what would support them to live more fully with their mental, physical or sensory impairment. Contact us.

Join our research

The modern evidence-based approach is to see a dementia as an impairment we should all work with, and not see the diagnosis as an invitation to despair. NewDementiaCare seeks people from all backgrounds and languages with whom to conduct action research into the role of culture and communication in the recovery of spirit (personhood) in a someone living with a diagnosis of dementia. We are particularly interested to hear from care partners and relatives who would like to be involved in a long term study of this kind. Please call us and we can share our ideas.

We are sorry but we cannot give recommendations for families about individual care homes, although we can suggest what to look out for in a good home.

New Dementia Care